Welcome to pageturnersnook … the literary book review blog of me, Laura Turner.

After enjoying reading (and studying) an array of amazing book blogs for many years, I thought it was about time I started my own. At pageturnersnook you will find a world full of all my literary thoughts and reviews as well as the odd bit of non-literature brainstorming.

Since being a small girl, reading has been my ultimate distraction and over the years, the passion and commitment I have for it has grown immensely – I doubt it will ever leave. For me, it is the perfect diversion for taking some much needed time away from reality with my perfect companion – a book – which I am rarely seen without.

Through the many years of reading, my literary taste buds like to read as many different genres as possible, which as a result, has led me to find an amazing scope of authors. As these authors have given me so much enjoyment, I hope by creating this blog I can give back to them by providing (my own) reviews for all book lovers to enjoy and hopefully go out and buy the books to then read and review themselves.

I welcome all discussion and feedback.

Thank you for visiting.
Laura x