The Atlas of Us

Book Title: The Atlas of Us

Author: Tracy Buchanan

Publisher: Avon

Publication Date: July 31st 2014

Genre(s): Romance, General Fiction (Adult)

Pages: 400

Format Received: Paperback

Goodreads: How far would you go for the one you love the most?

When Louise Fenton flies to Thailand to find her mother, Nora, after the Boxing Day tsunami, she fears the worst when the only trace she can find is her mother’s distinctive bag. In the bag is a beautifully crafted atlas owned by travel journalist Claire Shreve, with her notes and mementos slipped in-between the pages. The journal tells the story of Claire’s struggle to find her place in the world following a life-altering revelation, and a tumultuous love affair.

Louise treks across Thailand’s scarred landscape, exploring Claire’s atlas to try to make sense of the connection between this woman and the mother she is so desperate to find.

As devastated people are beginning to put their lives back together, Louise uncovers the secrets that nearly destroyed Claire and the man she loved – the same secrets her mother has been guarding all these years …

The Atlas of Us will take you on a moving and enthralling journey across the globe, and into the most intimate spaces in a relationship. And it will find its way into your heart.

My Review: Thank you to Goodreads for this First Read giveaway.

Oh man … 5* just isn’t enough for this novel.

I’ve just completed a book which has had me on such an emotional rollercoaster, I am sitting wondering when the ride will finish. I think this novel will stay with me for a verrrrry long time.

Tracy Buchanan has such vivid descriptions, I’m in awe. Writing about the tsunami of 2004 is such a delicate subject, however as daunting a subject it is, by the way Tracy weaves the story, you can tell a lot of research and first hand experiences of the scars left behind by this tragedy has been well researched.

I highly recommend this novel but be warned, highs and lows will be experienced. This is a rollercoaster ride like none other.

About the Author: Tracy Buchanan is a full-time author who lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK with her husband, their little girl and their one-eyed Jack Russell. Tracy travelled extensively while working as a travel magazine editor, sating the wanderlust she developed while listening to her Sri Lankan grandparents’ childhood stories – the same wanderlust that now inspires her writing. For more information about Tracy Buchanan, visit her website.


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