Ivy Eff

Book Title: Ivy Eff

Author: Louise Burness

Publisher: Self Published

Publication Date: April 21st 2014

Genre(s): Women’s Fiction, General Fiction (Adult)

Pages: 219

Format Received: ARC (eBook)

Goodreads: Ivy Efferson is having a bad week; in fact the world as she knows it appears to be imploding in front of her eyes. With her imminent nuptials looming, ever reluctant fiancé, Will, has just called things off. Forced to move out of her beloved apartment that they shared, Ivy discovers that her employer has terminated the contract in her sales position. It’s not everyone that finds themselves homeless, jobless and dumped, all in twenty-four hours.

In a reassessment of her life, Ivy takes off to her Grandfather’s house in leafy Richmond, where she rediscovers her passion for art. When she meets potential new beau, Conor, an Irish bartender, Ivy decides that she can no longer trust relationships to give her the one thing she wants more than anything in life, a baby. Ivy looks into the possibility of I.V.F. with the intention of going it alone as a single Mum. Why should she leave her chance of motherhood in the hands of another man? After all, if things can go wrong with Will after eight years, this may be her only chance.

My Review: Ivy Eff is a wonderful story full of love, hope, loss and reality. It takes you on a journey accompanying the main character, Ivy who has to accept and embrace a heck of a lot of negativity in order to gain the happiness she has always dreamed about. I mention above that there’s an element of reality within the novel and I say that from recent experience. It really hit home how precious those around you really are. Enjoy what you presently have … !!!

Louise Burness is a phenomenal author. Her writing style really grabs you and hooks you in. She makes you believe that you are actually one of the characters. You feel that you are a part of story. There are parts in the story where I laughed out loud, there are parts where I gasped due to the story hitting me with the unexpected and there are parts where I cried because I really felt Ivy was a friend of mine and I was on that journey with her.

I recommend if you haven’t already read Ivy Eff that you click here and make a purchase. I read it in two sittings, but I could have easily read it in one. Don’t miss out on a real treat of a read. It really puts life into perspective and makes you think about the here and now and how you have to grab life by the horns instead of sitting allowing what you really want to drift past you.

About the Author: Louise Burness was born in 1971 and raised in the Scottish town of Arbroath. She spent several years living in Edinburgh and Fife, travelling around Australia and South East Asia and eight years living in West London. She currently lives in Scotland and writes full-time. Louise has written two chick-lit books, ‘Crappily Ever After’ and ‘Ivy Eff,’ and children’s books, ‘Under the Sun’ and ‘Rock Upon a Time.’ For more information about Louise Burness, visit her website here. Or, if you’re interested in reading a featured author Q&A session that Louise took part in for pageturnersnook, click here.


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