Book Title: Blind

Author: Cath Weeks

Publisher: Piatkus

Publication Date: January 12th 2017

Genre(s): Mystery & Thrillers, Crime, General Fiction (Adult)

Pages: 336

Format Received: ARC (Paperback)

Goodreads: Twyla Ridley, resourceful, optimistic, has just had her first child. It’s what she and her husband, Dylan, have always wished for.

However, Charlie is blind.

For the first time in her adult life Twyla feels truly tested. She cherishes her son, showering him with love and boundless affection, but there’s a part of her that aches for him to see. So Twyla throws herself into motherhood with a very private agenda, because maybe, if she strives hard enough, she’ll be able to find a way to fix him.

But is it a risk worth taking?

My Review: I would like to thank Cath Weeks, Ella Bowman and Piatkus for allowing me the opportunity to read an ARC of Blind. I can confirm that I chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

I am astonished, blown away and rendered speechless (for once in my life) after reading Blind. I think throughout this novel every single emotion in existence was thrown at me!! I felt heartbroken, I felt elated and then there were those times that I felt so angry I wanted to stand in front of the characters and shout at them. What a journey!!!

Cath Weeks has written a piece of fiction that you find yourself so completely lost in that all of a sudden it is real and you are one of the characters. You can imagine yourself standing in their shoes, deciding upon something so huge that it takes over your life. Then, you find that you are thinking about all the different perspectives that are in place which upon you begin to weigh up everything that is thrown in the mix.

To put things plainly, ask yourself this question … if your child was born blind, how far would you go in order to give your child the capability to see? That is the bones of Blind and it is one heck of a ride that encompasses a mother’s every growing need and desire for her child, despite what others close to her think.


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