The Silence – Katharine Johnson – #blogtour

I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour today for The Silence, written by Katharine Johnson and promoted by Emma Mitchell of EDM Editorial & Publicity Services.

Doctor Abby Fenton has a rewarding career, a loving family, an enviable lifestyle – and a secret that could destroy everything.

When human remains are discovered in the grounds of an idyllic Tuscan holiday home she is forced to confront the memories she has suppressed until now and relive the summer she spent at the villa in 1992. A summer that ended in tragedy. The nearer she gets to the truth the closer she comes to losing her sanity.

In order to hold onto the people she loves most, she must make sure they never discover what she did. But the reappearance of someone else from that summer threatens to blow her secret wide open.


Katharine Johnson is a freelance writer and editor and has worked for a variety of magazines. She has a passion for crime novels, old houses and all things Italian (except tiramisu). She grew up in Bristol and has lived in Italy. She currently lives in Berkshire with her husband, three children and madcap spaniel. When not writing, she plays netball badly and is a room guide in a stately home. Her next novel The Silence, a psychological/coming of age story set in Tuscany will be published on June 8th.

MY REVIEW: I would like to thank Katharine Johnson and Emma Mitchell of EDM Editorial & Publicity Services for allowing me the opportunity to read an ARC of The Silence prior to taking part and being a stop on the blog tour. I can confirm that I chose to read this ARC and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

Blooooooooooody eck … I’ve finished … I can finally breath!!

5*????? Seriously, why is this the highest rating that can be given??? I want to give more!!!

The Silence is a ‘hook, line and sinker’ novel. It completely put me under its spell and like a magnet I was drawn to it and stuck there and believe me when I say ‘stuck’, I mean a goooooooood sort of stuck. What an amazing story with a reverie effect that I couldn’t break away from.

Alternating between past and present, I found myself flying through chapter after chapter, vastly consumed in a mystery that all throughout the novel I was desperate to solve and one that kept me asking ‘what is going to happen next, I need to know?’

The story flowed so fluently that I became lost within the pages and the characters became almost like my circle of friends. I felt that I was becoming involved in this mystery along with them and was desperate to get to the bottom of it and solve it for them as best I could. The final outcome blew my mind … I didn’t see it coming at all.

The novel’s setting was beautiful. Johnson’s descriptions are so vivid, I was there every step of the way, even to the extent I could feel the sun’s warmth beaming through the pages. Believe me, and I’m repeating myself now, this book will consume you!!!

Pick up The Silence and open the cover … go on, do it. Once you’ve finished and emerged back to the planet we call Earth (and boring reality), come back and tell me about it, I’m confident you’ll share my thoughts and review.

If you would like to follow The Silence Blog Tour, you can do so at the following dates:

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