The Lost Letters of William Woolf – Helen Cullen #blogtour

I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour today for The Lost Letters of William Woolf by Helen Cullen and published by Penguin. Many thanks to Sriya Varadharajan for organising the blog tour.

Inside East London’s Dead Letters Depot, William Woolf unites lost mail with its intended recipient. White mice, a miniature grandfather clock and a full suit of armour are among the more unusual items lost then found thanks to William’s detective work. But when he discovers a series of letters addressed only to ‘My Great Love’, everything changes. Written by Winter to a soulmate she hasn’t yet met, her heartfelt words stir William in ways he has long forgotten. Could they be destined for him? But what about his troubled marriage? William must follow the clues in Winter’s letters to solve the mystery of his own heart.


Helen Cullen

Helen Cullen is an Irish writer living in London.
Her debut novel, The Lost Letters of William Woolf was published in 2018 by Penguin the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa and will be published in the USA by Harper Collins in 2019. The novel has also sold in translation to numerous foreign markets including Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia and Israel.
In addition, Lost Letters has been optioned for television by Mainstreet Productions whose past successes include Downtown Abbey and Broadchurch. Helen was also shortlisted as Best Newcomer at this year’s Irish Books Awards.
Before writing, Helen started her career with Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE (Ireland’s national broadcaster) where she worked in radio broadcasting before moving to London in 2010. She subsequently worked for companies such as the BBC and The Times before her most recent role in Google where she worked before signing her publishing contract.
Helen wrote the first draft of her debut novel, The Lost Letters of William Woolf, while completing the Guardian/UEA novel writing programme under the mentorship of Michele Roberts. She holds a B.A. Communications from Dublin City University, an M.A. Theatre Studies from University College Dublin and is currently completing an M,A. in English Literature at Brunel University in London.
Helen is now writing full-time and working on her second novel under contract.

MY REVIEW: I would like to thank Helen Cullen, Sriya Varadharajan, Quercus and Netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read The Lost Letters of William Woolf as part of the blog tour. I can confirm that I chose to read The Lost Letters of William Woolf and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

What an adorable read. The Lost Letters of William Woolfe oozes that well known feeling where it is cold, dank and wet outside, but you’re indoors wrapped in a wool blanket, on the sofa with the fire roaring and a delicious cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows wrapped in your hands – an absolute joy to read.

So, in The Lost Letters of William Woolfe we have William himself working at the department of lost letters called The Dead Letters Depot. I WOULD LOVE TO WORK HERE by the way! The joy you must get at marrying up that lost letter, or parcel with its intended recipient, WOW, what a wonderful thing to achieve. Does a department like this actually exist at Royal Mail? If it does I think I may have to start job hunting. Imagine being a letter detective!!

Anyway, William … (I got sidetracked there) … is slightly misleading, or he was to me. I got the impression he was much older than his actual years. He initially came across as this bland and stale individual whose marriage has become pretty much the same. They say opposites attract, and they did in the beginning between William and his lawyer wife, Clare but over the years the marriage has withered away and they’ve become two separate people. As a result, which I personally think worked out for the best, William begins to finds letter after letter at The Dead Letter Depot written only to ‘My Great Love’ and there he embarks on a journey to find the intended recipient. Could the recipient be him? Who knows, you need to read it to find out, but what I can say is the journey William takes himself on stirs something inside of him, and the it is then that you as the reader begin to see him in a completely different light. He starts to question everything to do with life, marriage and work, and we get to see his sensitivities and the real man that’s been hiding behind this facade.

I abso-blumming-lutely loved this tale and I cannot believe it is a debut novel. I adored how traditional and conventional it was portraying letter writing as opposed to ‘everything is online these days’. I really cannot wait for novel number two. Come on Helen Cullen, hurry up lol.

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