The String Games – Gail Aldwin #blogtour

I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour today for The String Games written by Gail Aldwin and published by Victorina Press. Many thanks to the lovely Gail herself for organising the blog tour.

When four-year-old Josh is abducted and murdered during a family holiday in France, Nim, aged ten, becomes an only child. To cope with the tragedy, Nim reinvents herself but continues to carry a burden of unresolved grief. As an adult, she returns to France determined to find out more about the circumstances of Josh’s death. How will she deal with this new information and what are the implications for her future?

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‘I am a Dorset-based writer of fiction and poetry. My short fiction collection Paisley Shirtwas longlisted in the best short story category of the Saboteur Awards 2018. My novel The String Games, about a child lost on a holiday in France, is published by Victorina Press and my poetry pamphlet adversaries/comrades is published by Wordsmith_HQ. I co-write short plays and comedy sketches that have been staged in Bridport, Salisbury and Brighton. My writing has featured in fringe festivals in the South-West.

You can find my writing online at Ink, Sweat & Tears and Words for the Wild and in print anthologies including Flash Fiction Festival One (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2017), Gli-ter-ary (Bridge House Publishing, 2017) and Dorset Voices (Roving Press, 2012).

As Chair of the Dorset Writers’ Network, I work with the steering group to support the skills and confidence of writers across the county by connecting creative communities. I am also a visiting tutor to undergraduates of Creative Writing at Arts University Bournemouth.

Competition prizes for my writing include a never-to-be-forgotten writing retreat at Moniack Mhor in Inverness, a monogrammed Smythson notebook, a presentation evening at a nightclub and cash.

Thank you for visiting. I can’t claim that the writer is a lonely hunter if you keep coming back.  I aim to post once a week with writerly thoughts and points for discussion.  Please leave a question or comment to keep the dialogue going.’

MY REVIEW: I would like to thank Gail Aldwin and Victorina Press for allowing me the opportunity to read The String Games as part of the blog tour. I can confirm that I chose to read The String Games and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

I must begin my review by emphasising how well Gail Aldwin has written and captured a stunning piece of literature that is devastating and truly heartbreaking, with hope all rolled into one! Despite only being words to read, it could quite easily have been happening in real life, right in front of my eyes – to me, or to you. THAT is how well The String Games sucks you in. It has a void which captures you and doesn’t let you go until the final page has been closed. Feelings, emotions, literally EVERYTHING get in your way – nothing else concerned with reality matters. You are there, feeling it all, taking it all in and it is breathtaking.

In The String Games, we have a story that explores grief in ways we could never imagine. GOD, I REALLY COULD NOT IMAGINE – it must be every single parents worse nightmare. Focusing on the impact a lost child has on a family encompasses all that we can hope we will never have to experience. Often, we hear in real life, news reports about missing children, but with The String Games those news reports turn into something else altogther. Nim, for example is coming of age and we see her first as a child, followed by a teenager and lastly a woman, and we travel along with her and the family, absorbing and fighting the most heartbreaking and debilitating times.

With a tight plot, I found what Aldwin done with Nim’s character, especially as a child, stunning with a truly immaculate language. Nim, for me, will stay with me for a very long time, if not forever.

A debut novel at its best!

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