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I’m thrilled to be on the blog tour today for Mistletoe written by Alison Littlewood and published by Quercus. Many thanks to Milly Reid for organising the blog tour.

Leah Hamilton is looking for a new life following the tragic deaths of her husband and son. Determined to bury her grief in hard work, and desperate to escape Christmas and the pitying looks of her colleagues, she rushes through the purchase of a run-down Yorkshire farmhouse, arriving just as the snow shrouds her new home.

It may look like a Christmas card, but it’s soon clear it’s not just the house needing renovation; the land is in bad heart too. And Leah’s mind starts playing tricks on her: she hears a child playing in the snow, but although there are snowballs, there are no footprints. Is this the ghost of her son, returned to her? She starts having visions of the farm’s former occupants – the young widow and her son, the cousin who’s wooing her, the maid who shares her secrets and the handsome labourer who’s hanged for the murder of a child, a murder he didn’t commit.

Is Leah strong enough to lay the increasingly malevolent ghosts and find a way to move on? Or will her ashes end up scattered over the now-covered fields?

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Alison Littlewood was raised in Penistone, South Yorkshire, and went on to attend the University of Northumbria at Newcastle (now Northumbria University). Originally she planned to study graphic design, but “missed the words too much” and switched to a joint English and History degree. She followed a career in marketing before developing her love of writing fiction.

Her first book, A Cold Season (2011), was selected for the Richard and Judy Book Club and described as ‘perfect reading for a dark winter’s night.’
Alison’s latest novel is The Crow Garden (2017), is a tale of obsession set amidst Victorian asylums and séance rooms.
You can find her living with her partner Fergus in deepest Yorkshire, England, in a house of creaking doors and crooked walls. She loves exploring the hills and dales with her two hugely enthusiastic Dalmatians and has a penchant for books on folklore and weird history, Earl Grey tea and semicolons.

MY REVIEW: I would like to thank Alison Littlewood, Milly Reid, Quercus and Jo Fletcher Books for allowing me the opportunity to read Mistletoe as part of the blog tour. I can confirm that I chose to read Mistletoe and all opinions in this review are my own and are completely unbiased.

In Mistletoe, we have a very brave woman called Leah searching for a new start in life after tragically losing both her husband and son. I need to categorically state at this point that Leah is a much, much, MUCH braver woman than I will EVER be! Gosh, she goes through so much and still comes out the other side fighting strong.

Buried deep in Leah’s tale is a sinister and chilling claustrophobic timeslip ghost story that I actually regret having read whilst the weather is still relatively warm, for in Mistletoe it is Christmas with deep thick snow (utter bliss). To me, this calls for a chilly winter night wrapped up in a duvet with a hot chocolate in hand and the fire roaring away in front of you warming those toes. Perfect, right? Well, it would have been, but I did not read it on a chilly winter night, I read it with the sun shining on me instead, and I do not regret a single moment for unfolding on each page is a bloody phenomenal story!

Right at the first chapter we are introduced to the who, the what and the where and this is where Littlewood is clever, for it is at this point, right at the beginning that you are sucked in to a tantalisingly supernatural foreboding at Leah’s ancestral farmhouse. As the story unfolds the reader is curiously sucked into a subtle yet creepy read with night time visions and figures from the past emerging before Leah’s eyes, not to mention taking over her body (told you it was creepy). As you progress through the book, the how and the why is exposed and it is just as eerie with some sensational writing.

All in all, Mistletoe is a number of things; chilling, atmospheric, evocative and all of that in which I have mentioned above. Littlewood has written a great novel, and if you enjoy ghost stories and mysteries, this is definitely a book  for you.

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