Review Policy

I am always happy to receive books from publishers, however there is no guarantee that I will be able to review every book I receive, although I will try my best. I am not a professional reviewer, I am simply a lover of literature and reviewing books and maintaining pageturnersnook is unfortunately not my full time job – as much as I would love it to be! As a result, there may be occasions when your review request may be declined due to a limited reading timeframe.

For years now I have been adding my reviews to various online websites, including Goodreads, Amazon and Twitter. I also submit reviews to Netgalley.

I am willing to review books for self-publishing authors, but only if they are willing to accept a truly honest opinion.

My taste buds for literature are of a varied kind. There aren’t a lot of genres that I won’t attempt a read at, however I must stress that I do not enjoy erotica or poetry.

All reviews are my own opinions.

I do not post negative reviews. Nor do I review books that I find I have been unable to finish. If I find that I am not enjoying a book, it will not appear anywhere on the blog.

I do not request or receive payment for any review I submit.

I never sell any books received for reviewing. I may on occasion pass them to like minded ‘book lover’ family members and friends who I know will enjoy them and in turn may also submit a review too.

I only accept ebooks that are Kindle compatible in Mobi format. I do of course (hint, hint) still have a massive love for paper books too. There is nothing more magic than the smell of pages in a brand new book, sitting in your hands.

I am more than happy for authors and/or publishers to use a quote from any of my reviews, however I do ask that ‘pageturnersnook’ has a mention. I also ask that I am contacted for consent beforehand (then when my review is quoted I can show it off to everyone I know and scream with excitement!).

If you have a query, comment or any form of feedback regarding any of the above, please contact me via the contact page.