Everybody makes mistakes.
pageturnersnook enjoys correcting them.

No matter their shape or size, mistakes are mistakes. Let’s be honest, everybody makes them, however it’s the art of spotting them that is the challenging task and that is why not everybody can spot them. Becoming too over-familiar with the contents of your document can lead to slip-ups and that is why pageturnersnook are here. With a fresh pair of eyes that can never be underestimated we can spot an error a mile off!

At pageturnersnook, no job is too big or too small. Whether you’re an author, student or business we are here to help bring you an uncomplicated, pristine and cost effective service. Our prices are all based on word count which makes it is easy for you to estimate how much it will cost to get your document proofread by us.

We offer a standard proofreading service that includes checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. We work with Microsoft Word 2016 (preference), using the track changes functions or with hard copy using British Standards Institute proofreading symbols. Once complete, you will have a perfectly polished and error-free document.

Should you wish, before any work is undertaken, pageturnersnook will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, giving you the confidence that your content will stay confidential.

If you would like to discuss your work, please contact pageturnersnook via the contact form.